My Thoughts on Mother's Day

Published on 14 May 2023 at 08:27

Here we are, it's Mother's Day once again... I feel fortunate that I've known so many great mothers in my life. Women who have taken time to invest in my life at every stage. Those I've known my entire life, those I've just begun to know, those still with me, and those who have moved to heaven.

I'm thinking about all the women who have journeyed alongside me, and hoping that each of them knows just how grateful I am for their love, compassion, and influence in my life. Motherhood is tough ya'll, I need every single one of you. I thank God for each of you.

I think about the young moms, the waiting moms, the fur baby moms, and the undecided if they will ever be moms in my life and I just want to hug you all and say "I see you and I love you" because I know where you are, I've been there, and it all matters. The single dads that have to be moms too, it matters. Those missing their moms, it matters. For mothers grown accustomed to seeing their children suffer through medical or mental health crises as they shrivel up inside themselves with fear and longing for their child to be well, it matters. For mothers missing and aching for their children for any reason, it matters. Mothers.

In every form, in every stage, in every way. Every single day of your life, and every single day of the lives of your children and grandchildren, fur babies and babies yet to be, you matter.

Be kind to yourself, and show yourself compassion and love. Ask for help. You have a tough job, lean on each other and stop the madness of the illusion of perfection. Embrace your unique experience, because no two mothers have it exactly the same, but also, you have others around you who have been where you are. Find those people. Build your mom community. Don't go it alone.

If you don't happen to have someone in your life capable of making today special for you, make it special for yourself. Find ways to celebrate your journey. Even if only for a few minutes. Reexplore your pathway to how you became the mother you are, remember the mothers who have guided you, and consider the ways in which you have become a mother to others in unexpected ways. Embrace your motherhood experience and celebrate what has been, what is, and what may be, and do something kind for yourself today. Remember, you matter!

Happy Mother's Day!

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