leaning into the light, where hope is found

by Tami Duff

Just when you think everything is calm… by Tami

I can handle hard days.  Days when everything is topsy turvy and my child is acting out, repeatedly mean, the threats and yelling.  I know how to settle into those days, set boundaries, and watch for signs of improvement or worsening.  I can manage her with rescue meds and diversions and we have a crisis plan.  Those long days, thankfully are less frequent now, but I’m ready for them.

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My Thoughts on Mother's Day

Here we are, it's Mother's Day once again... I feel fortunate that I've known so many great mothers in my life. Women who have taken time to invest in my life at every stage. Those I've known my entire life, those I've just begun to know, those still with me, and those who have moved to heaven.

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