A new chapter begins for the Smith family - by Christy

Published on 21 May 2022 at 23:40

Yesterday, while attending my oldest son's graduation, I was afraid I would have to miss another event. I didn't; I was a proud mom! Usually, the crowd causes Mr. I to become extremely anxious. If it is not the crowd, it could be the sound of people laughing echoing through a gym, bands playing music, or the choir singing. Sitting in one place for an extended period of time may cause boredom. In some cases, I push a little harder because I always miss out on important moments in my other children's lives. It is difficult to miss out, but I am Mr. I's calm. He and I have been doing this since he was young. Instead of panicking, he sat calmly with his little blue bunny, his main interest (Toy Bonnie). He held his phone in his hand, waiting for the right moment to take pictures of his older brother. He suddenly became his brother's biggest fan. My heart melted yesterday as he inquired about graduation and quietly discussed his "one day when". I used to wonder if there could ever be a "one day when." 

For the time being, I will refrain from wondering any further; I like this thought. The future is figuring itself out, and we are on the right track! My eyes welled up with tears as he asked, "Momma, could you take a photo of us together and send it to me?" He adores his family. It has not been easy, but our family has the strongest bond. We have won all of our battles as a team of seven warriors. Now we are about to be one less, as Jarod heads off to college. 

Oh, my heart.