Uncovering The Voice Inc Growth Plan


The "right now":

Many people have asked, "What do you do in your support groups?"  What are your plans?  Why should I be a part of this"?

We believe you should know some quick facts about us before we discuss plans!


1 - Christy and Tami are mothers who are still in the thick of raising children with mental health and neurodiverse conditions. This is a job that never ends, so we are still working on ourselves.

2 - We decided that what we desperately needed for community and support did not already exist, so we created it.  We are very much part of the demographic we want to serve.  

3 - Joining our journey will not solve anyone's problems, but we hope that by acknowledging others' struggles, you will feel less alone in yours.

4 - 100% of the proceeds from our merch sales (shirts, bags, etc.) or free will donations support the mission of meeting caregivers wherever they are and providing for the community.  We buy and print materials, drive to meet people, and pay for services.  We're a non-profit, and there is no money being pocketed by either Christy or Tami.  Our support groups are FREE to attend, virtually or in person.  

5 - Our support groups will provide some lived experience support.  What has and has not worked for us, self-care advice, and personal emotional support for caregivers who live in the "constant," as we do.  We are creating a community for people who have withdrawn from their lives in order to feel free of isolation and self-doubt.  Space to be yourself, be honest, vent, cry, absorb some love, and feel seen.  It's simple, the first step is finding your tribe.  We may not be the best fit for you, but when we did not have any other options, this concept met a need in us.  We think it will fill a need for others too.




The "coming soon":

We will collaborate with CCS/CLST in several counties throughout Western Wisconsin to provide Parent Peer Support and Parent Advocacy services.  This will entail one-on-one parent support, either at home or in the community, where we will serve as a sounding board, support, and guidance as you navigate your parenting challenges.  This service can be accessed through your county case manager.  

This work will help you create an organized, functional "Crisis Response Plan" binder with resources to handle whatever comes your way.  We will provide guidance and ideas, but because each family is unique, we will customize this plan for each client.  In the midst of chaos, having everything laid out for you makes a huge difference.  

Stay tuned as we work through this "interesting" process to provide these services.  It's a hoot!




The "someday":

A "home-like" setting in which adolescents could be safely cared for and monitored for several days in a cool-down environment to stabilize their emotions and take a break from the family home (where they experience destabilizing emotions/family triggers, etc.) before returning to their homes and families.  


This service could be used as part of a crisis plan as an intermediate option to potentially avoid inpatient stays, or after inpatient discharge as a transition/step-down bed to ease adolescents back into their family unit.  Inpatient stays are frequently traumatic and disorienting for both children and their families, and having a place of respite between the hospital and home where recipients and families can pause and process events leading up to the crisis more gradually would be extremely beneficial in preventing further trauma and disorientation.


Services offered to the children during their stay could include Medication monitoring, art/craft therapy, music therapy, recreation, access to emotional support animals, self-care support, and skill building.


Caregivers trained in respite, peer support, and parental peer support would be hired to assist families and children in crisis.  We would also need awake overnight staff to ensure the safety of the recipients.


Meeting space for families to spend quality time together (preparing a meal or baking a treat, playing a board game, talking), a comfortable, neutral location for county-funded Family Centered Therapy sessions, and monthly CCS/CTLS meetings when in-home meetings are not possible or beneficial.


We could potentially include Internships for new graduates of social work and family counseling degrees to gain experience working with kids and families in crisis.  These interns could assist with creating crisis plans and facilitate some support groups/activities for parents and kids in crisis.


There is nothing of this sort that exists in St Croix County or the surrounding counties.  A place of calm, a pause in a crisis, where families can assess their emotions and events, gather resources, and find support to move forward with their child's mental health struggles.  A place for hope in very dark days.  I know my family would have benefitted greatly from such a service, and there are others out there who would.  


We are eager to discuss how this dream can become a reality.  We understand that we are dreaming big - there is a mountain to climb - but there is a great need for our families who are affected by a lack of transition and crisis intervention care.


And there you have it.  Our big dreams and plans.  Join us, support us, find your community, change the world.

We can't do it alone!