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A place of comfort for all families who live in a constant!  It is time to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.


Let us face it: if you have had difficult experiences with your children, you understand the heartache that we all feel. We have been shamed and guilted into avoiding aspects of life that may be upsetting for our children and embarrassing for us. We hide away, hurt, grieving, and ashamed that our children have become known for "unacceptable behavior." The world only sees them in their worst moments. We understand they are more than their diagnosis. We see them when they overcome adversity and make small steps forward. We celebrate their success and look for ways to reward and encourage them for every good day. We hold out hope that "this is getting better" with each glimpse of good behavior. But we also mourn the steps backward, hoping that it's temporary and we push the thoughts of "this will never get better" away with each tantrum, attack, or attempt to harm. Most of us do this alone.


We have been taught to keep our experiences private so that we do not offend society with our problem children. We do not live a social media lifestyle. Nobody understands how much effort it takes to complete everyday tasks like grocery shopping or going to the dentist with our children. We cannot explain it to them, so we conceal it. We end up losing relationships. We stop doing the things we once enjoyed. Fear, shame, and guilt separate and isolate us. This does not need to be our story anymore.


Support groups are one way for us to support one another as we navigate our systems and form communities around our families. Please consider joining us for one or more of the upcoming events to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. Turn your face towards the light and let your voice be heard. Only then will our collective voices be heard and change made possible. Monthly Family Fun Days will be held to foster a sense of community among children in a safe and accepting environment free of judgment and misunderstanding. We get it. Your family is like ours. Let's connect.


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There will be time for individual introductions that are optional for participants (we promise not to force you to tell us anything; if you just want to listen, that is fine!) and an icebreaker.

This group is for you; if you have any topic suggestions, please let us know; we want to help you find your voice and learn how to use it to effectively advocate for your families!  


You are welcome to join us online via our Facebook Live Stream events! This is a great place for those of you across the map that want to participate or if you're not ready to put your name on your story, you can join within the privacy of your own home. 


To access this content, please request to join the private "Uncovering the Voice" Facebook Group and we'll "go live" at the meeting start time.



Every Tuesday 10:00am & Thursday 7:00pm Each Month - VIRTUAL