Validation. - by AnnaBelle

Published on 22 April 2023 at 15:32

Validation: (from Oxford Languages:)


  • the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something.
    "the technique requires validation in controlled trials"
    • the action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable.
      "new courses, subject to validation, include an MSc in Urban Forestry"
    • recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.
      "they have exaggerated needs for acceptance and validation"


In this case, I will be referring to the third bullet point. Feeling validated and accepted is something I believe is critical to having strong and positive mental health. People sometimes believe that their emotions are invalid. They believe that their feelings are incorrect and should be changed. 

I remember one day scrolling through Instagram and coming across an image that spoke to me. It was something I saw and thought, "Hey, I should work on this." So, I saved it. It explains how your emotions are valid and why they occur. So I figured I would share the image here. 

And of course, I linked the actual page in case you wanna check that out too. 

Anyways, just some food for thought. I think it's important because I know so many people who feel like they are "insane" and don't know why they feel the way they do. I know I was there before too, and sometimes still am.

Living a life with a sibling who has emotional behavioral developmental and intellectual challenges made me feel afraid, and that I didn't have a right to feel that way because other people in my family were struggling more. However, I learned that I had every right to feel what I was feeling, and that everyone struggles in different ways. Whats important is that you recognize it, and do whatever you need to do to be okay.